Accessing the LMS

To login to the system. First you must create a user account.

Step 1: From the login screen below. Enter your email address in the username field.

Step 2: When registering an account you will receive a temporary password by email. Copy and paste this into the password field. Please ensure you remove any unnecessary spaces from the username and password fields.

Step 3: Click LOG IN.

Step 4: You will be asked to change your password. Enter the temporary password into the first box.


Step 6: You will then need to enter your new password twice. Before pressing SUBMIT.

Finding your Organisation when Registering

Step 1: Select your Registration Type, this will filter out the organisation

  1. NHS    
  2. Primary Care (GP Practices)    
  3. Social Care    
  4. Covid-19 Vaccination    
  5. Hospice    
  6. Education Providers    
  7. Voluntary and Community Sector Organisation    
  8. Local Government / Councils    
  9. Other    
  10. Optical Practice    

Step 2: Select the Organisation from the Drop Down list

Step 3: Select your County, and Job Role

If your organisation is not on the list, please open a support ticket and a member of the team will be able to add this for you

How to Access the Learning Plan

Step 1: Click "My Learning Plans"

Step 2: Click the 'Sight Loss' Learning Plan

Step 3: Click the Course you wish to access, you will then be taken to the course.