To embed a video. First you must upload video.

  1. Click on “Site Admin” in the Navigation bar at the top of the screen.

        2. Click on the “Content” tile.

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        3. Click on the “Courses” tile to manage your courses.

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        4. Using Search box. Find the module you want to add content to and click the Chapters hyperlink in the courses bar.

       5. From the Chapters screen you can Edit/Create Course Pages using the hyperlink shown below.

        6. Access page content using the "Content" link.

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        7. From the Content page click in the checkbox next to View Video.

        8. Click the file name in the MP4 Videos dropdown box.

       9. You can select the optional boxes below for the course to be progressed. 

       10. You can add further content to the page or click SUBMIT to save changes.