To create Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test questions.

  1. Click on “Site Admin” in the Navigation bar at the top of the screen.

       2. Navigate to the MCQ tile at the bottom of the screen.

       3. Click the Batches tile.

       4. To create a batch, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD NEW.

       5. Fill in the name for the batch of questions, optional reference number, number of questions and pass score then click SAVE CHANGES and CLOSE.

  • Put a tick in the Live box, and optional ticks in the Show Feedback, Show Correct Answer and Show Hint.

       6. Search for the batch name using the search box.

       7. You can manage the questions within the batch by clicking the Questions hyperlink.

       8. To add Questions to the Batch, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD NEW.

       9. Use the screen below to input the question and list of multiple choice answers. You can have up to 5 multiple choice answers which you make active by clicking Use this choice. Place a tick next to the Correct Answer. You may also leave feedback for the question before clicking SAVE CHANGES.

       10. You can go back to the list of questions by using the link below.

       11. From the following screen you can see a list of questions and which ones are active.

       12. You can also use the following buttons next to the question.