Please see the table below of different account types / user privileges

There are 2 types of users currently available in the system.

1. Administrator

2. Learners (called User)

The functionality of each user type

Administrator AccountsLearner Accounts

in addition to the functionality of learner accounts the Administrator account can:

  • Manage users,
    • create, edit delete
  • Enrol users onto courses
  • Manage Courses
  • Create competency plans
    • assign users
    • assign modules
  • Career Toolkits
    • Create job family and grades
    • Create competency assessment survey
    • Set targets for each item to job grade
    • Create gap analysis
    • Create custom courses and programmes based on gap analysis
    • Create development plans
    • View individual, team and organisation progress reports
  • Document Library
    • Add, edit and delete items
    • View download reports
  • Course Content creator
    • Create course chapters, pages
    • Add Multiple Choice Tests to pages
    • Add SCORM eLearning Courses to pages
    • Make completion of SCORM courses and MCQ's compulsory before progressing further in the course
  • View and download reports
  • Self-register
  • View and search the course library
  • Enrol onto courses which will then be added to their general Programme in My Programmes
  • View My Programmes
  • Take Career Toolkit Survey
  • View their personalised learning plan created from the result of their survey
  • Have a 1-2-1 review meeting to create a personal development plan
  • Document library
    • Create favourites
    • Download files
    • Create batches
  • Change their password