To add a new user to the system.

       1. Click on “Site Admin” in the Navigation bar at the top of the screen

       2. Click "Users" to add new users to the system 

System Admin View

Specialist Admin View

       3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Add New User

       4. Complete all of the fields in the popup form below. Select the user role and privileges.

Tip! If you want to send a registration email to the User then place a tick in the "Email Access Details" checkbox

       5. Click the Save Changes button

Adding Admins and Specialist Admins

System Admins have full access to the site, where Specialist Admins are given select access, which is set by the privileges in the top right hand corner of the user table.

For Specialist Admin, add the Plans, Programmes and the organisation that they are allow access. Please note, for reporting purposes, they will need to have the Programmes assigned, as the reporting works off the Programme level.