To setup a new classroom course.

        1. Click on “Site Admin” in the Navigation bar at the top of the screen.

       2. Click the Classroom tile.

       3. Click the Courses tile.

       4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD NEW.

       5. From the popup window below you will be able to complete the course details. This includes setting up the reminder emails. 

  • Calendar Invite From/To will send an ICS calendar invite by email with the date and time of the course.

Ensure the LIVE button is selected before clicking save, else the classroom will not appear on the sign up tool. 

Select the Reminders Email, if you want the course to send the three reminder emails. 

Select Show Eligibility Criteria if you have filled in this section of the classroom setup and want this to appear.
Select Auto Send, if you want to auto send the joining instructions when a user signed up to the course. 

       6. Click SAVE CHANGES then CLOSE.

If you are the Admin of the Event, it is your responsibility to close the even. This needs to be done 2-3 days before the event, or immediately after the event has taken place. To do this, uncheck the 'live' box in step 5, and click save. 

Extra Information around Classroom Course
Required Fields: 

The only required fields are the tag functions, without these fields the course cannot be saved. However, it is recommended to fill out the following fields; title, date, time, duration, address/link, description, calendar invite and the reminders else the course will not function properly. 


All time formats need to be in 24 hour clock format, e.g. 13:00 or 17:00 

(for duration field, the following format is accepted, 1 Hour) 

DO NOT use the following characters in course tittles

 ( ) { } [ ] ; : , + = 


Add the tittle of the classroom course, this will show up on the sign up tool .


Select the date of the event, by clicking the calendar button.


Set the time, in a 24 hour format, this is what shows on the front end on the sign up tool.


Add the duration of the classroom course, the following format is accepted - 1 hour.


From the drop down menu, select who the tutor of the course is. If you require to add a new tutor, please see the following article:


If there is an external provider, please enter the name in the following field.


Fill out the amount of spaces for the classroom course in the following field 


Add the location of the event, if the event is online, simply add "online". If the location is a physical location, add it here. 

Address Link:

Copy and paste the URL of the event, e.g. the Teams link, into the field below. Then add the location, as Teams. 

Calendar Invite From/to: 

This field is required for the time to be sent on the calendar invite via email, if this is not filled out the invite will not be sent correctly. Ensure that it is formatted in 24 hour.  


To set the reminder, click the calendar button

1st reminder should be set for 2 weeks before event, for 9am.

2nd reminder to be set 2 days before event, for 9am.  

3rd reminder to be set on day of event, for 8:30am. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

This field is used if the classroom course has certain requirements to be on the course, it is an optional field so only fill this out if this is required (for example you need to be a nurse), if you like this to be shown on the sign up tool, follow step 5. 

Adding images & videos: 

It is recommended to add an image into the description before any text, here is a guide on how to upload images: