Step 1: Send the following URL to the Users:

  • Either Log in, or Create an Account
  • If the learner already has an account, please continue to step: 4

Step 2: Create Learner Account

Step 3: Upload a Certificate

  • Once the Learner has logged in they will be asked to upload a certificate, or start the OMMT 

Step 4: To to the Uploaded Certificate Tile (Site Admin > Classrooms > Uploaded Certificate)

  • Either approve or deny uploaded certificates using the following buttons

Step 5: Set up a Classroom Tier (Site Admin > Classrooms > Tiers)

  • Click ADD NEW TIER
  • Fill out the information, the Tier Level, Organisation and Job Role 
  • Click Save

Step 6: Create Classroom Course:

Step 7: Edit for OMMT

  • Select the tier 
  • Set the delegates splits 

Note that the course to show on the OMMT signup page it needs to be LIVE of Type OMMT and with the defined Tier