Step 1: Download the Template from this page

Step 2: In Column A, are the titles of each field. If there is a asterisk (*) this is a Mandatory field, and the course cannot be set up without it. 

The Below fields are Mandatory 

  • Title of course/event
  • Date of course/event
  • Time of course/event
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Address/Link
  • Description
  • Tutor
  • Event Owner
  • Event Owner Email
  • Calendar Invite From/To
  • Type (Signup Tool)

Step 3: In Column B, goes into further detail of what is required in each field to fill out the information correctly

For Example, A8 (Title of course/event*) in B8 (Correct name of course/event)

Step 4: In Column C, this is where the information is inputted.

Column C also includes any formatting that is required, and is indicated in the field. For example;


Step 5: From Row 36 and Below, this are options which are available when setting up Classroom Course, please state if you want these or not.

  • Auto Send Joining Instructions Upon Registration
  • Notify When A Reminder is Sent (Creator, Tutor and Owner)
  • Show Eligibility Criteria
  • Reminders Enabled
  • Visible on Signup (Even when classroom is full)
  • Allow Wait List
  • Certificate for completion

Step 5: Once the file has been completed, save it, and email the file to: 

If you have any images that you wish us to use when setting up the classroom course, please pass these along with the completed spreadsheet