Step 1: Upload the PDF file via the Content Editor

  • Type some text in
  • Highlight the text
  • Insert a link onto the highlighted text

Step 2: Browse the Server

  • Click the 'Browse Server' button

Step 3: Upload the PDF to the Server

  • Click 'Add File'

Step 4: Chose the File

  • Double click the File you have uploaded

Step 5: Copy the Link

  • Copy the URL link of the PDF file

Step 6: Insert IFrame

  • Delete the text from Step 1
  • Insert 'IFrame'

Step 7: Enter the details

  • From the copied URL, enter in the URL box
  • Use the following settings
  • Width 100%, Height 1190, Align Left


Step 1: Insert an iFrame 

Step 2: Paste the URL of the PDF

Step 3: Click the Advance Tab

Step 4: Enter the following into the Style Field, then click OK. 

aspect-ratio: 16  / 12 ;height:100%;width:100%