How to upload a course using SCORM Course Manager.

  1. Click on “Site Admin” in the Navigation bar at the top of the screen.

       2. Navigate to the SCORM Manager in the bottom left hand corner.

       3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “ADD NEW” to load a SCORM course.

       4. Enter the Name and optional Launch URL of the SCORM file in the pop up window.

       5. Select the location of the SCORM Course File using the Browse link and press Open.

       6. Insert a reference for the course in the Ref field and any pass score or course duration which are optional fields. 

Scorm Version will default to 1.2 or you can select AICC from the drop-down list if appropriate.

       7. Use the "SAVE CHANGES" button to upload the SCORM file.

       8. Upload progress will then be shown in the SCORM Course File line.

       9. Press Save Changes again and you will see the message to confirm Data has been saved.

       10. You can then close the module using the Close button.